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Extensible Repository

The PackageWright repository contains thousands of detailed three-dimensional models for a wide variety of standard package configurations. In addition to the package models provided, end-users can readily augment the repository with non-standard components such as connectors.

Repository models contain an detailed geometric representation of the individual package terminals, body, and seating plane to directly support automated footprint generation and ECAD-MCAD library synchronization.

PackageWright is the first technology capable of directly leveraging the detailed 3D STEP models provided by leading connector vendors such as Tyco, Molex, Samtec, and Amphenol for use in ECAD footprint generation.

Using the internal PackageWright featurization capabilities, 3D models may be rapidly augmented with the necessary package features and pin numbers for inclusion in the repository.

The PackageWright repository enables both standard and non-standard package models to be used in footprint generation, MCAD export, and/or ECAD-MCAD library synchronization.